Collaboration with DryTide and our brand ambassador program


Thank you for your interest in DryTide, there are two ways to collaborate with us:


We rarely do collabs in a traditional way and we don’t have a traditional DryTide brand ambassadors program. We prefer to collab with people going on interesting adventures (look right). But, every now and then, we also do traditional collabs like these. If you can provide some awesome looking content that fits our brand, if you have engaged followers that are interested in activities where our bags and backpacks are needed… then we might work something out. Usually we can offer you some discount, the amount of discount depends on the bag that you are interested in and also a little bit on the reach that you have on social media. If we really like your content or if you have lots of followers, we can also offer you some free DryTide gear.


Are you going on a really interesting adventure where our waterproof bags are needed or do you have an interesting story to tell? This is the type of collaboration that we like to do. It does not really matter what your follower count on social media is, it matters how crazy your story or your adventure is. Exploring underground caves in Papua? Diving with sharks in Florida? Chasing whales in Norway? Surfing the last unexplored corners of the Earth? Sailing over the Atlantic ocean alone? Surf photography rising star from an unlikely place? These are just some of the examples that we liked. It also matters if you are willing to share your adventure or story as an interview on our website and if you have some awesome photos to go with it. If we like what you do, we will send you some free gear for your adventure.

Drop us a line and we will see if we can work something out: