DryTide Instruction Manual

To keep the water out of your backpack or dry bag it is very important to properly close it. This can be the make or break step that either ensure that your bag or backpack will be really waterproof and won’t let the water inside when conditions get really wet or that water will get inside and leave you wet. All the main compartments in DryTide waterproof backpacks, duffels and dry bags use the roll down closure system. In this guide you will learn how to properly close your roll down top dry bags and what steps can you take to make the closure as water tight as possible. Apart from that guide contains information on how to take care of your waterproof bags and backpacks that will help you make them last longer, how to close the zippers etc…

Ultimate Guide to Buying Dry Bags

Dry bags are getting popular these days but not that long ago they were almost unknown. Not many people outside the circles where dry bags are unavoidable knew about them. Kayakers, sailors and cave explorers were using them for a long time. But for the rest, dry bags were pretty much a mystery even though they are super useful in a wide variety of situations (we have counted 34 different occasions where a dry bag is useful). If you are not familiar with them, a dry bag, as the name suggests, is a bag that is waterproof and will keep the content of the bag dry in wet conditions. Unfortunately the term waterproof can today mean many different things and is often used for items that are not really waterproof, so it is good to be careful when buying. Even though dry bags are getting more and more popular there are still some misconceptions what dry bags really are and what they can do. This is why we made this ultimate guide to dry bags where you will learn how to get the right quality dry bag for your needs.

Waterproof, “Waterproof” and Water Resistant

Term waterproof is used a lot in different situations and in connection with different products. However not many of these uses are really justified. When manufacturers claim that something is waterproof this can mean a lot of things these days, lots of times water resistant would be a more appropriate term. This is especially important with products that are meant to be used in extreme conditions. So to clear things up and explain what we think when we say that DryTide backpack is waterproof, we have assembled this guide to different levels of waterproofness. Guide is aimed at bags and backpacks but it applies to most of things that are made using different fabrics (like jackets, covers, sleeping bags, bivouacs, tents…etc). So, if you want to know how to tell if something is really waterproof, read on.