Interview: Andrea Giana, Photographer From the Most Photogenic Surf Spot in Italy

If you have ever seen a surf photo that featured an almost Pipeline looking emerald green wave and the photo was taken in Italy, then most probably it was from Varazze. This small town just past Genoa is the most probable culprit for the “I can’t believe it’s Italy” surf shots. And one of the most probable photographers behind these photos is Andrea Giana. We caught up with Andrea to talk a little bit about his surf photography and the Italian surf scene.

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Andrea Giana, surf photographer

Can you introduce yourself first a little bit?

Hi, my name is Andrea Giana, I’m Italian and I come from Varazze. My job? Unfortunately it is not being a photographer but working in the port, as a border guard. It would be my dream to live from my photography.

How did you get into photography and especially surf photography? Do you surf too?

I am a bodyboarder. I have followed surfing since I was a child, I started photographing it almost 10 years ago. I entered this world of surf photography for the simple reason that right here in my city, there is one of the most beautiful surf spots in Europe.

Can you tell me a little about the surf scene in Italy?

Surfing in Italy is very popular, we have many great places to surf. But sometimes it gets “too much”. You always have to respect the place where you go to surf, especially respect for the locals, the LOCALS.

You come from Varazze, I think it is perhaps the best known surf town in Italy. What’s the surf scene like there?

The surf scene here is fantastic, I look out the window and it seems to me that I am in California. It’s a dream. But on the other hand in recent years here in Varazze it became really difficult to surf in peace and above all in safety. Varazze is not an easy wave, not at all. Still so many people come here and some of them are not able to surf at all or at least not good enough for this wave, they don’t know the rules and then they risk getting hurt and hurting someone else as well.

What would be the perfect photo day for you?

It’s always a perfect day when I take photos:).

What are your photography plans for the near future?

My main plan for the future is to save some money to buy a water housing for my 7D mark ii so I can also start taking shots from the water. My dream is to then photograph the big waves riders and go to Nazare. A few days ago I even got a drone, so I also plan to get into aerial photography and videos.

Do you photograph other things besides surfing?

I photograph everything that makes me happy, mainly I’m a sports photographer, so I take sports photos.

What cameras do you use and how important is it that everything is kept safe from water?

I have only one camera so to have it stored safely is very important. When you are next to the sea for a while, you do not even notice it, but there is a lot of salt that floats around in the air. So I’m happy that I got a Drytide backpack to keep my gear safe.

What does photography mean to you?

It means a lot, it helps me not to think so I can free myself and be happy. That is very important to me!

surf photographer in Italy

Man behind the lens.

Where can we follow your adventures and your work?

On my Instagram page @andreagianaphotography. Soon I will also put up a site where it will be possible to buy my photos and print them.

Thank you Andrea and good luck!

Cheers buddy, peace.

*All photos in the interview were taken by Andrea, contact him for prints, job etc…

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