DryTide 18L Waterproof Backpack


DryTide 18L waterproof backpack is our smallest backpack. Suitable for everyday use on the go without worrying about the what nature might throw at you throughout the day. This backpack looks good in the middle of the jungle or in the middle of the city.

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It is finally here! DryTide 18L waterproof backpack our smallest waterproof backpack perfect for all that found the 30L version too big. As all DryTide backpacks, the 18L backpack combines the usefulness, versatility and comfort of regular backpacks with waterproof capabilities of dry bags.

If the 50L Traveler waterproof backpack is huge and can hold all your gear on multi day trips and the 30L holds everything you need on a day long trip, the 18L waterproof backpack is the perfect everyday life backpack. With its 18L size, slim shape and streamlined design you can carry it around wherever you go. Going to school or college, short surf trips or beach day with your friends, stand up paddle or kayak trips or your daily commute to work, this backpack has your back.

Elegant look and slim streamlined design make this waterproof daypack feel right at home in the middle of the jungle or in the middle of the city. But don’t be fooled by the good looks.

Backpack is made out of durable 100% waterproof fabric and things inside backpack will not only stay dry during a quick rain shower but also in much heavier conditions like long and heavy torrential rainstorms, during various water sports like kayaking, rafting, boating, stand up paddling… This backpack offers protection beyond the regular “waterproof” tag, you can throw it into the sea and it will stay dry. At the same time this backpack will also protect your things from sand and dust. Both can be even more harmful to electronics than water.

With all this, DryTide backpack is still a proper backpack with pockets to organize your things, with shoulder straps and padded back, and a hip belt to help you carry it around.

DryTide 18L waterproof backpack tallFeatures

  • Heavy-duty and 100% waterproof material
  • High frequency welded seams, no stitches in all vital areas
  • Floats on water (if closed properly)
  • 18l waterproof main compartment with roll down closure and quick close buckle
  • Removable internal double pocket (mesh + solid) for your phone, wallet, passport, surfboard fins etc… Can be replaced with a laptop sleeve (sold separately)
  • Bigger external pocket with waterproof zipper*
  • Smaller external pocket with waterproof zipper*
  • One side water bottle pocket that can be zipped up when not needed giving this backpack an even slimmer and more elegant look
  • Daisy chain loops on one side of the backpack
  • Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and back both padded with non water absorbing foam
  • Hip belt and sternum strap with emergency whistle buckle
  • Corrosion-proof, impact-resistant thermoplastic buckles and D-rings.
  • Top handle
  • Backpack dimensions: 29cm x 14cm x 49cm (W x L x H) or 11 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 19 1/3″ (W x L x H)
  • Keeps all your gear safe from water and dust while looking good

*it is normal for waterproof zippers to be harder to open and close than regular and splash proof zippers because these zippers produce a much better and tighter seal that can stop water from coming inside even when dropped into the sea (it’s a feature, not a bug)

Removable Internal Pocket / Laptop Sleeve

DryTide 18L waterproof backpack comes with a removable internal pocket. Internal pocket can be replaced with either padded laptop sleeve or waterproof laptop sleeve (both sold separately). First one offers shock protection for your laptop and the second one gives additional water protection. You can also just simply remove the pocket when you don’t need it.

DryTide 18L waterproof backpack back side

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the backpack be used as a carry on backpack if you are traveling by plane?

Yes, absolutely. The 18L waterproof backpack is small enough for any airline.

How big is this waterproof backpack?

The size of the backpack is 29cm x 14cm x 49cm (W x L x H) or 11 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 19 1/3″ when closed. With the roll down top extended height of the backpack is 63cm (24 4/5″). For instance, 18L backpack has enough room for your laptop, towel, some clothes and a toiletry bag at the same time.

It this a camera backpack?

If your main concern is to keep your camera gear dry then yes, this is a perfect camera backpack. It will stop the water, humidity and sand from entering, it has enough pockets to keep everything organized and it is comfortable to carry. It does however not have internal padding due to obvious reasons – so you can use it to carry wet gear inside the backpack. If you need padding then you can get a separate camera cube insert that you can put inside the backpack. Depending on how much photo/video equipment do you have, you can also check the 30L version of this backpack that might be more suitable if you carry more than one camera.

Care and Use

  • The backpack floats on water but it is not meant for prolonged submersion. If there is a danger of falling into the water, make sure that the roll down top is closed as tightly as possible and that the ends are buckled together, not to the sides.
  • Keep solvents and liquids like insect repellents away from the backpack.
  • Keep the backpack away from extreme heat and sharp objects. Even though the backpack is made out of tearproof and durable material sharp objects like thorns, needles etc… can puncture the material.
  • Rinse the backpack with fresh water when it is dirty or after use in the sea – continuous salt deposits can jam the zippers.
Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 29 × 49 cm
  1. Lauren Mann

    This is the most well constructed dry bag I have ever owned! I swim out to boats most mornings for work and trust it to keep my stuff safe and dry. The features are so well thought out, it really is the perfect day bag! I really love the waterproof zippers/pockets on the outside- something that is lacking in most other’s I have seen. It also looks great and of high quality.

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