DryTide Dry Bag Pack 5L, 15L and 30L

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A pack of three different sized DryTide dry bags will cover all your dry bag needs. Includes the 5 liter Seagull bag, 15 liter Bear bag and 30 liter Whale bag.

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This pack of three different sized DryTide dry bags will cover all your dry bag needs.

  • 5 liter dry bag for all your personal smaller items that you need to protect from water
  • 15 liter dry bag for storing your wetsuit, clothes, snacks, drinks, towel…
  • 30 liter dry bag / backpack for shorter one day trips near and on the water

Production Quality

Bags are made out of heavy duty and durable waterproof material. They are constructed using a special welding technique that eliminates stitches and makes all the seams waterproof. This makes the bags 100% waterproof.


To close the bags:

  • roll down the top at least 3 times,
  • bend the ends in the opposite direction to where you rolled them down,
  • buckle the ends together.

Care and Use

  • Clean the dry bag with fresh water after each use and air it out.
  • Keep solvents and insect repellents away from the bag.
  • Dry bags are not suitable for submersion. Water can slowly get in through the roll down closure due to water pressure.

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