DryTide Padded Laptop Sleeve with 360 Protection (Water Resistant)



If you want extra shock protection for your laptop together with 100% protection against water, dust, sand and humidity that you get with our DryTide waterproof backpacks, then the DryTide padded laptop sleeve is what you need.

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If you want extra shock protection for your laptop together with 100% protection against water, dust, sand and humidity that you get with our DryTide waterproof backpacks, then the DryTide padded laptop sleeve made out of water resistant fabric is what you need.

Key features:

  • Water resistant fabric
  • Superior padding and shock protections including the CornerArmor technology
  • Super soft velvet like internal lining
  • External storage pocket
  • Backpack compatible zipper
  • DryTide backpacks compatible attachment
  • Made out of recycled materials

This laptop sleeve can be used separately or in combination with our waterproof backpacks.



The outside fabric used with this laptop sleeve is water resistant and can effectively protect your device from water, rain and spilled drinks*. Fabric is at the same time extremely durable.

*Other laptop sleeves with this kind of fabric would be called waterproof, but we know that this is not true. Since we make truly waterproof backpacks, we know what that means. If you drop this sleeve and other sleeves like this into the water it won’t save your laptop.

Water resistant fabric made out of recycled bottles.
CornerArmor shock and impact protection


We use a sandwich of three different layers of high density foam (EPE – Expanded Polyethylene foam) for superior protection against shocks and impacts. Thicker and firmer middle layer (3mm) is sandwiched between two thinner (1mm) softer layers offering superior protection. All edges of the laptop sleeve are additionally reinforced. All four corners of the sleeve feature CornerArmor technology protection that helps your laptop survive the accidental drop.


The internal lining is super soft velvet like fabric that protects your laptop from scratches. If only our clothes would be made out if this.

super soft velvet like inner lining closeup
Padded laptop sleeve zipper with 180 degree opening


Sleeve features an easy to use durable YKK zipper that is extended all the way across the top end of the sleeve and allows the sleeve to be completely opened on two sides. By opening the top side of the sleeve (side that faces the top of the backpack when the sleeve is inside the backpack) the laptop can be taken from the sleeve without taking the sleeve out of the backpack. This means easy access to your laptop!


Laptop always comes with a few other items like the laptop charger, mouse, cable, external drive etc… The external pocket on the sleeve is big enough to hold all of these items.

External laptop sleeve pocket for charger, mouse, cables etc...
Laptop sleeve is compatible with DryTide waterproof backpacks


DryTide padded laptop sleeve features a Velcro tape on the back that attaches to the back wall of the DryTide waterproof backpacks main compartment securing the sleeve to the inside of the backpack. This sleeve is compatible with all DryTide backpacks (50L, 30L, 18L).


Last but not least! DryTide padded water resistant laptop sleeve is made out of recycled discarded plastic bottles. Producing this sleeve helps reduce the plastic pollution a little bit.

recycled plastic bottles

This padded laptop sleeve is designed to easily fit any laptop up to 15.6″ size which includes all 13 inch, 14 inch and 15inch laptops. Even with a 15.6 inch laptop, there is plenty of room to spare. If your laptop is not bulky, the sleeve can also hold a laptop that is bigger than 15.6 inch like 16 inch or even 17 inch.

For your reference, to check if your laptop fits into the DryTide padded laptop sleeve, here are the internal dimensions of the sleeve:

Length: 40cm
Width: 28.5cm
Height: 4cm

Laptop with laptop sleeve and mouse
DryTide Waterproof Backpacks and Laptop Sleeve Options

DryTide backpacks come without any internal padding. Why? A waterproof backpack can be used to protect your items from water but on the other hand you can also use it to carry wet gear without water dripping all over the place. In this case any internal padding would get wet. To keep our backpacks versatile we decided not to use any internal padding.

This is why, if you want to be safe, you should use some extra protection when using our backpacks to carry your laptop. There are three options:

  • DryTide padded laptop sleeve with 360 protection: choose this sleeve if you do not plan to carry wet items inside your backpack and want maximum protection for your laptop.
  • DryTide waterproof laptop sleeve (coming soon): choose this one if you will carry wet items inside the backpack or if you do not need the extra protection of the padded sleeve. Waterproof sleeve has no padding, but it puts your laptop away from the bottom of the backpack so when you drop the backpack your laptop won’t hit the ground.
  • Use the laptop sleeve that you otherwise use and just stick it inside the backpacks main compartment.

Both DryTide laptop sleeves are specially designed to fit DryTide backpacks (size and attachment system). Right now the attachment works with DryTide 50L backpack. Coming soon in other backpacks.

Weight0,25 kg
Dimensions42 × 30 × 4 cm

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