DryTide 50L Waterproof Travel Backpack


DryTide waterproof travel backpack combines the usefulness, versatility and comfort of a regular backpacks with waterproof capabilities of dry bags. At 50l it is a perfect travel companion for worry free travel in any weather and in any environment.

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DryTide waterproof travel backpack combines the usefulness, versatility and comfort of regular backpacks with waterproof capabilities of dry bags. It offers protection beyond the regular “waterproof” tag which can today mean many different things.  At 50l it is a perfect travel companion for worry free travel in any weather and in any environment.

Backpack is made out of 100% waterproof material and things inside the DryTide waterproof backpack will not only stay dry during a quick rain shower but also in much heavier conditions like long and heavy torrential rainstorms, during various water sports like kayaking, rafting, boating, stand up paddling… they will even survive a fall into the water or even a shorter submersion where the backpack is put completely underwater. Backpack will also protect your things from sand and dust that can be even more harmful to electronics than water.

Backpack can act as protection against water or as a backpack for carrying wet gear so it does not drip all over your car for instance.

With all this, DryTide backpack is still a proper backpack with pockets to organize your things, with shoulder straps and padded back, and a hip belt to help you carry it around.

  • Heavy-duty and 100% waterproof material
  • High frequency welded seams, no stitches in all vital areas
  • Floats on water
  • Big 50l waterproof main compartment
  • Internal removable pocket that can be replaced with a laptop sleeve (sold separately)
  • Big back pocket with waterproof zipper*
  • Smaller top pocket with waterproof zipper*
  • Two side mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Two side straps for securing taller items to the side of the backpack
  • Elastic strap on the back pocket
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back both padded with non water absorbing foam
  • Hip belt
  • Top handle
  • Bottom loop for drying the backpack
  • Backpack dimensions: 60 x 34 x 25cm / 23″ x 13″ x 10″ (H x W x L)
  • Keep all your gear safe from water and dust while looking good

*it is normal for waterproof zippers to be harder to open and close than regular and splash proof zippers because waterproof zippers produce a much better and tighter seal that can stop water from coming inside even when dropped into the sea (it’s a feature, not a bug)

Is the laptop sleeve part of the backpack?

No, laptop sleeve was replaced with removable internal pockets as more people found them useful. Since the internal pockets are removable, you can replace them with a laptop sleeve of your choice. There are two laptop sleeve options (sold separately), waterproof laptop sleeve and padded laptop sleeve.

Can the backpack be used as a carry on backpack if you are traveling by plane?

Yes. The 50L waterproof travel backpack is big, but with the roll down top closure the size of the backpack can be adjusted to your needs. Since this is not a hard shell suitcase that either fits or doesn’t fit into the overhead compartments it is actually up to you how big the backpack will be. If you fill it to the top it will for sure not be suitable for a carry on. But if you fill it lets say half way, then you can use it as a carry on without a problem, it has been done many times.

How big is this waterproof backpack?

It is big. Backpack has more than enough room to pack everything you need for a few days. You can easily store 4-6 wetsuits inside. It can store motorbiking boots together with all your other protection and motorcycle suit. If you are going on a trip you can store all you clothes for the trip together with laptop, drone, camera, a couple of lenses, and a dome port.  At the same time, with the roll down top and by tightening the side straps you can make is smaller. If this backpack is too big for you check the 30L waterproof daypack or ever smaller 18L backpack.

It is a camera backpack?

If your main concern is to keep your camera gear dry then yes, DryTide waterproof travel backpack can be used as a camera backpack. It will stop the water, sand and dust, it has enough pockets to keep everything organized, lots of room for all your equipment and it is comfortable to carry. It is however not a camera specific backpack that would offer internal cushioning and special compartments for your camera body and lenses. This backpack allows you to carry wet gear inside it, this is why internal padding was not used when constructing the backpack. If you need added protection we suggest to get a separate camera cube insert that you can put inside the backpack. This way you can transform your 50L DryTide waterproof travel backpack into a perfect photography backpack.

A shorter video view review of the DryTide 50l waterproof backpack can be found here.

Weight 2 kg
  1. Richard

    I’ve been super happy with DryTide’s waterproof backpack. It’s a very sturdy bag and it has more than enough room to pack for any trip I’ll take. I also like how comfortable it is because I usually carry it on long hikes.

  2. Anna

    I’m so happy I bought my DryTide bag! I work in the jungle, so that backpack is always with me, and its life is not easy:) …hiking, kayaking, or just taking the rain at the back of the pickup truck. The size is a little too big for my daily travels, but perfect for weekends or even 5 days expeditions. It surprised me pleasantly that the shoulder straps are comfortable, even being a woman with not such broad shoulders. The side mesh pockets are just a bit too tight to fit Nalgene bottles, but I absolutely love the front pocket.

  3. Viljam

    I recently went on a 6 week surf trip with my DryTide backpack and I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of the backpack. I packed around 15 kg of stuff in the backpack and it felt comfortable to carry and everything stayed dry throughout the trip, despite at times hazardous circumstances. I also recieved numerous compliments regarding the aesthetic design of the backpack. Would definitely recommend the DryTide backpack to others interested in off-the-beaten-path travel.

  4. Jay

    This bag meets all my expectations and more! It is well put together and the zippers are heavy duty and look like no water will be getting in. The storage space inside holds all my fishing tackle, sleeping bag, few clothes with room to spare. I highly recommend this bag if anyone is in the market for a overland pack that’s gone be pushed to the limits of Mother Nature!

  5. Hugo

    I am currently involved in the Clipper Round the World Race, a yacht regatta sailing around the globe, I am first mate on one of the boats. I really like my backpack, it’s suits my needs perfectly.

  6. Roberto, Italy

    I used the DryTide Waterproof Backpack 50l for trekking and snorkeling, in both functions it behaved very well despite on some occasions the heavy rains and the water always present in the boat during the excursions, of course it is rather big but for me it is perfect to contain all my equipment both wet and dry, in short it is a waterproof backpack, resistant and very capacious and therefore a reliable travel companion.

  7. Shen, Hong Kong

    Just received the bag, looks awesome! Can’t wait to use it!

  8. LM, U.K.

    Using this bag for work every day now. Awesome design!

  9. Terry, Senior Beach Lifeguard, Cornwall, UK

    This backpack is perfect for my work as a professional beach lifeguard in Cornwall. Holds so much kit, wetsuit, spare uniform, coat, fleece and towel… I use the inner pocket for my lunch box, large outer pocket for my swimming kit, goggles, hat and swim shorts. Using top pocket for easy access for car keys and phone. And two side pockets for hot and cold drinks. Great design!

  10. Jannis Vollbrandt

    Took a chance on this ‘unknown’ brands backpack and was very pleasantly surprised! Very good built quality, feels and looks sturdy and fits lots of gear. The internal laptops sleeve is another aspect that is beneficial. The bag is large, but as someone who frequently needs to carry lots of gear (swimming, traveling, diving) it’s perfect. The pockets in the lid and on the front fit lots of smaller items and the zip feels very durable (requires some strength to use, but this is so it’s waterproof. This is not an issue, but rather an added benefit. After around two weeks of daily use the only downside I have found was a plastic buckle (on the side) that does not work as it should.
    Would I recommend this backpack? YES, absolutely!! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with this and should the 50L be too big, there is a smaller version (which I have not tested; not yet at least).
    Great product! Good design!

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