Second Generation DryTide Waterproof Backpack Is Now Available!

Everything is set up and the second generation of DryTide waterproof backpacks is ready for shipping. Improvements over the previous version of the backpack are numerous making this backpack even better than before.

Lighter and better materials were used for the production of the backpack, the shoulder strap placement is improved making longer treks and carrying heavier loads more comfortable.  We got rid of the side buckles placed solely for closing the main compartment to the sides and replaced them with side straps that allow you to attach tall items to the side of the backpack. We have found during the use of the backpack that we always close the main compartment by buckling the ends together as it is faster. The side straps can however still be used to close the backpack to the sides as all the buckles on the backpack are compatible.

Together with the new and improved backpack version we have also released a cheaper version has all the features of the original backpack, but is not completely waterproof. It can however still withstand even the heaviest of rains.

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