Terms & Conditions

DryTide Gear is a brand owned by Alivoo d.o.o. , Cesta na Vrhovce 45, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe, Registration number: 2011/5190, Company number: 3909832000, Tax number: 32300816.

Terms and conditions

1.1 Subject to the provisions of clause 1.3 below, the price of each DryTide Gear Online Shop product is displayed on the DryTide Gear website along the product concerned and is quoted in US Dollar. In the event of a sale or special offer, the discounted price is displayed.
1.2 Alivoo d.o.o. is not VAT liable so VAT is not added to the price and prices are same as stated on the website. Prices are subject to change from time to time.
1.3 We shall make all reasonable efforts to make sure that the prices displayed on the DryTide Gear website are correct as at the time of display.
1.4 In the event that products are displayed along incorrect prices, however, we will not be obliged to sell the products in question at the prices alongside which they were displayed, but shall only be liable to refund to you the difference between the correct price and the price at which the products were purchased, where the purchase price paid exceeded the correct price.

2.1. Cost for worldwide shipping for each DryTide backpack using standard shipping is added to your order.
2.2. Packages are shipped from Slovenia either by Slovenia Post Office or DPD (for EU countries) and from our fulfillment center in China (for the rest of the world) using different carriers depending on the country. This can sometimes change depending on the stock availability in our Slovenia office and fulfillment center. Typical delivery times for EU are between 4-10 days. Typical delivery times for the rest of the world are 7-20 days.

2.3 DryTide Gear is not responsible for any fees, duties, taxes and clearance processes once your parcel has left Slovenia, customs processes can delay the delivery of the item/s.
2.5. We offer no warranties or protection for loss or damage of your goods whilst in transit (unless you choose to insure it at an additional charge). If for some reason your package does goes missing (unlikely) we will do everything in our power to find out what is happening, give you a full report, open a case and rectify the issues where we can.

3.1. You may, for a period of 30 days after delivery of any products ordered, cancel the order concerned for any reason whatsoever, and return the products in question, and we shall, subject always to the provisions of clause 3.2. below, refund to you the full purchase price of the products returned, as long as you send the item back to us in the same condition it was sent in, any damage caused by shipping or use will nullify this refund.
3.1. To arrange for a refund or to return a product please email us on hello@drytidegear.com
3.2. Any product returned, save for a defective product, must be in its original product packaging, unused, and in the condition in which it was received at the time of delivery to you, failing which we reserve the right to:
3.2.1. refuse to accept the return of the product concerned; or
3.2.2. impose a reasonable charge in order to cover any re-packaging costs incurred by us.

Defective Products
3.3. We will accept returns of any defective products for a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days after the date upon which the products in question were ordered. All DryTide backpacks are checked and photographed before shipping so receiving a defective product is highly unlikely.

Should you return a defective product to us, we shall, at your choice, either:
3.4.1. replace the product at our expense, provided that stock of such products remains available at the time at which the defective product is returned; or
3.4.2. provide you with a full refund for the product concerned.

4.1. We will make every effort to make sure that the information supplied on the DryTide Gear website , is correct.
4.2. Where delays (including, without limitation, delays arising out of stock shortages) may affect your order, we will inform you of this as soon as is practicable after we become aware of such delay, and you shall be entitled, at your election, to:
4.2.1. cancel the order and be refunded any payments you already made in that regard; or
4.2.2. continue with the order, and accept delivery of the products concerned at a later date.

5.1. Unless we specifically advise you otherwise in writing, two methods of payment are acceptable to us, namely:
5.1.1. Credit card / debit card payments via PayPal; and/or
5.1.2. Direct Transfer of funds (wire transfer)
5.2. At the time of your placing an order, the transaction details will be presented by us to the relevant bank, for the purposes of obtaining an authorization for the amount of the order concerned.
5.3. Should the relevant bank decline authorization for a transaction, we shall notify you in writing accordingly, and we shall be entitled, but not obliged, to cancel the order concerned.
5.4. Payment is only collected by us once the order is complete and prior to the products being shipped.
5.5. Note that to protect both your and our interests, we scrutinize all transactions very carefully to prevent attempted fraud, and we reserve the right to refuse a transaction where we are not entirely satisfied with its legitimacy.

6.1. By placing an order on the DryTide Gear website, you acknowledge and agree that placing an product in a shopping basket or adding it to a wish list without completing the purchase cycle does not:
6.1.1. give rise to and/or constitute an agreement of sale between us and you, and we shall not be liable if products identified by you for purchase are no longer available when the purchase cycle is completed later; and/or
6.1.2. constitute an order for such an product; and we may remove such a product from your shopping basket or wish list if no stock of the product is available.
6.2. An agreement of sale between us and you only comes into effect if and when:
6.2.1. A credit card authorization is received from the issuing bank; or
6.2.2. Payment authorization is received from the bank in question
6.3. We reserve the right to refuse to accept and/or execute any order without giving reasons therefor. We also reserve the right to cancel orders in whole or in part as circumstances dictate, and we shall have no liability in respect of such refusal and/or cancellation, provided that we shall notify you of such cancellation immediately, and refund to you any amount actually paid by you to us in respect of the order concerned.

7.1. By placing an order on the DryTide Gear website, you acknowledge and agree that stocks of all products on offer on the DryTide Gear website are limited.
7.2. We shall use all reasonable efforts to discontinue the offer of a product, as soon as stock of the product concerned is no longer available.
7.3. However, should products still appear on offer after stocks thereof are sold out, we shall have no liability in respect of the unavailability of the product concerned, provided that we shall notify you of the unavailability of the product as soon as practically possible after we become aware thereof, and refund to you any amount actually paid by you to us in respect of the order concerned.
7.4. Any product on “backorder”, will be sent out as soon as we get stock of the item/s, please email us if you want to know the time frame.

8.1. We shall not be liable for the sale of products at lower and/or temporary discount prices where you, for any reason whatsoever, are unable to conclude an agreement of sale with us in respect of the products concerned prior to such prices being increased.
8.2. If we supply a product other than the product actually ordered by you, or if a product is in any way faulty or damaged, we will, at your election, exchange it for the correct or non-defective one, as the case may be, or refund to you the full purchase price paid for the product, including delivery costs.

9.1. Risk in and to the products shall pass to you upon acceptance of delivery of the products at the delivery address nominated to us by you.
9.2. Ownership in and to the products shall pass to you upon receipt, by us, of the purchase price payable in respect of the products concerned.

* “we” or “us” means Alivoo d.o.o., DryTide Gear, and “you” or “your” means the customer; “products” mean the products offered by us for purchase on the DryTide Gear website.