DryTide Whale 30 Liter Dry Bag


DryTide Whale 30 liter dry bag is the biggest dry bag in the range. It can serve as a dry bag or as  a waterproof backpack. With 30 liters of space it can easily fit two winter wetsuits together with gloves and booties with room to spare. It has removable shoulder straps and a waterproof external pocket so your phone, wallet and keys are also safe when things get wet. Made out of heavy duty waterproof material, welded seams, roll down closure, shoulder strap, 100% waterproof.

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DryTide Whale 30 liter dry bag is the biggest dry bag in the range. It can serve as a dry bag or as  a waterproof backpack. With 30 liters of space it can fit lots of gear. At the same time it is still lean enough so you can easily pack it together with other gear or push it into tight spaces like into a kayak etc…

The 30 liter dry bag will take two wet winter wetsuits. You can even squeeze booties and  gloves inside if needed. It is also big enough for one wetsuit together with a poncho/towel, some clothes and a snack. It’s a perfect size for a short day trip on or around the water. Bag will keep your wet gear safe and contained away from your dry belongings or it will keep all your belongings safe and dry when things get wet.

Waterproof Backpack and External Pocket

The 30 liter DryTide Wale dry pack can also double as a waterproof backpack. We have added two removable shoulder straps that allow you to carry the pack on your shoulders. Bag also has an external pocket for smaller personal items.

Unlike most other dry bags the DryTide Whale 30L dry bag uses a waterproof zipper. This makes the external pocket waterproof (check here to see a quick test of the pocket)! Your phone, keys and wallet are always safe in the pocket. They will stay dry even if the pack by any chance falls into the sea. This means you don’t have to move the phone into the main compartment when things get rough and wet!

Production Quality

Bag is made out of heavy duty and durable waterproof material. It is constructed using a special welding technique that eliminates stitches and makes all the seams waterproof. This makes the bag 100% waterproof.


To close the bag:

  • roll down the top at least 3 times,
  • bend the ends in the opposite direction to where you rolled them down,
  • buckle the ends together.

Care and Use

  • Clean the dry bag with fresh water after each use and air it out.
  • Keep solvents and insect repellents away from the bag.
  • Dry bags are not suitable for submersion. Water can slowly get in through the roll down closure due to water pressure.



Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 37 × 69 cm
  1. Vanessa

    The backpack has arrived and it’s beautiful! The size was perfect for day surf trips as you recommended. I would buy again from your website!

  2. Romana

    I’ve been using this bag the whole summer and it never let me down.

  3. Taja

    Very fast shipping, great quality, I really like the matte deep blue color!

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