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If you want a simple and slim yet waterproof pocket that is dedicated just for your laptop and can be attached to the inside of your DryTide backpack when you need it, then the DryTide waterproof laptop sleeve is what you need.

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If you want a simple yet waterproof laptop sleeve to go together with your DryTide waterproof backpack, then the DryTide waterproof laptop sleeve is what you need.

Key features:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Waterproof seams
  • External storage pocket
  • Velcro opening
  • Carrying handle
  • DryTide backpacks compatible velcro attachment

This laptop sleeve can be used separately or in combination with our waterproof backpacks.



This laptop sleeve is made out of the same material as our waterproof backpacks. This means that the fabric used for this sleeve is 100% waterproof. The sleeve is put together using ultrasonic welding which means that all the seams are waterproof as well. The opening at the top where you insert the laptop is however closed with a velcro flap. Because of the top opening this sleeve is not suitable as 100% water protection on it’s own but only in combination with our waterproof backpacks. It will however help you carry your laptop safely inside a DryTide backpacks together with damp or wet items like towels, boardshorts, bikinis, snorkeling gear etc… The sleeve will make sure that the water won’t reach your laptop.

100% waterproof fabric
Laptop sleeve external pocket


Laptop always comes with a few other items like the laptop charger, mouse, cable, external drive etc… The external pocket on the sleeve is big enough to hold most of these items.


DryTide waterproof laptop sleeve features a Velcro tape on the back that attaches to the back wall of the DryTide waterproof backpacks main compartment securing the sleeve to the inside of the backpack. This sleeve is compatible with all DryTide backpacks (50L, 30L, 18L).

DryTide backpacks integration
Waterproof laptop sleeve has no padding


Unlike the DryTide padded laptop sleeve, this sleeve offers no extra padding. It acts as a simple removable waterproof pocket for your laptop that can be attached to the inside of your backpack. Because it is possitioned a bit higher up the wall of the internal compartment it does however  put some distance between your laptop and the bottom of the backpack so your laptop won’t hit the ground when you drop your backpack (if there are some clothes or similar items in the backpack).


This waterproof laptop sleeve is designed to fit laptops up to 15.6″ size which includes all 13 inch, 14 inch and 15inch laptops. Some older and extremely bulky 15.6″ laptops could be too big for this sleeve, but all slimer modern laptops should be fine.

For your reference, to check if your laptop fits into the DryTide waterproof laptop sleeeve, here are the internal dimensions of the sleeve:

Length: 40cm

Width: 28.5cm

Height: 4cm

DryTide Waterproof Backpacks and Laptop Sleeve Options

DryTide backpacks come without any internal padding and without a dedicated laptop sleeve. The reason for the lack of padding is that  waterproof backpacks can be used to protect your items from water but on the other hand can also be used to carry wet gear without water dripping all over the place. In this case any internal padding would get wet, so we decided not to use any.

To use DryTide backpack as your laptop backpack there are three options, depending on your personal preference.

  • DryTide padded laptop sleeve with 360 protection: choose this sleeve if you do not plan to carry wet items inside your backpack and want maximum shock protection for your laptop.
  • DryTide waterproof laptop sleeve: choose this one if you will carry wet items inside the backpack and want maximum water protection for your laptop or if you just want a slim laptop sleeve for you computer. The waterproof sleeve has no padding, but it puts your laptop away from the bottom of the backpack, because the sleeve sits higher up the internal compartment.
  • Use any laptop sleeve that you otherwise use and just stick it inside the backpacks main compartment.

Both DryTide laptop sleeves are specially designed to fit DryTide backpacks (size, position, attachment system).

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 30 × 4 cm

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