Sea Kayaking: November Sunsets

Any excuse is good for a quick sea kayaking trip to one of the Adriatic Sea islands. This time the excuse was making a photo for the giveaway we did in November. The idea I had was to hide some DryTide dry bags and backpacks in some cool looking location and then photo the location with a drone and let the people find all the bags in the photo. The giveaway turned out pretty cool and so did the trip. It was maybe the last really warm and sunny weekend in November and even though the days were already really short, the sun and no wind during the day kept the temperatures high enough for boardshorts and t-shirts. The night was however a different game.

Wrapped in down feather sleeping bag with just the nose sticking out it wasn’t that bad. But what is so special about going out to sea in November is the peace and the amazing November sunsets. The days are so short you run out of time to do everything, especially to paddle all the way back home. You turn around a few times and it’s already sunset time. And what a sunset it was. The sky was glowing with orange, pink and violet colors so much that not only the sky but the whole landscape was painted in purple hues. Combine that with the absence of crowds, there is not a soul in sight except a few fishermen that love this part of the sea, and you have yourself quite a trip. It’s hard to go home the next day when the sun is at it’s highest, it’s really warm and you almost feel if it gets any warmer you will jump into the 16C sea. So we postponed the departure a bit more than we should and the last few kilometers to the beach where our car was parked we paddled in darkness. Here is a video that tries to capture the feeling of peace and amazing sunsets that you get on the sea in November.


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