02 Aug

Second Batch of DryTide Waterproof Backpacks Is in Production

Second batch of our DryTide waterproof backpacks is now in production and backpacks should be ready for shipping in the second half of August. Second batch is not just a copy of the first one, quite a few things were changed, improved and further developed:

  • heavy-duty 100% waterproof cloth was made lighter while still maintaining all the original capabilities – this means the whole backpack is a bit lighter
  • improved ergonomics in shoulder straps
  • side strap on both sides of the backpack for attaching/securing taller items to the side of the backpack. These side straps still allow the main compartment to be closed to the sides, but this is not their main purpose anymore. We found out that 99% of the time people close the main compartment by buckling the roll down top together and the side strap could be put to better use if it would help secure taller items to the side of the backpack.
  •  Less Velcro tape on the inside makes removing the laptop sleeve easier.

Stay tuned:) DryTide waterproof backpack 2.0 will be dropping soon.

Sneak peek preview of the new DT waterproof backpack.

31 Jan

Waterproof, “Waterproof” and Water Resistant

With all the fabric advancements in the past years terms like waterproof and water resistant get thrown around a lot. But reality is such that not many products that use these terms are really literally waterproof. Waterproof as in I have dropped this backpack overboard into the sea with all my clean undies and my camera inside and I didn’t even flinch because I know water wont get inside. So to clear things up and explain what we think when we say that DryTide backpack is waterproof, I am going to divide all “waterproof” products into a few groups and explain what can you expect from each of these groups. And just to make things easier I am going to stick to bags and backpacks but this could be valid for just about anything actually – jackets, covers, sleeping bags, bivouacs, tents… Read More