10 Oct

Final DryTide Waterproof Backpack Sample is Finished

Final DryTide waterproof backpack sample is finished and on its way for testing. We are bringing it to our Indo surf trip to put it through some tropical rain storms, small open boat rides, jungle trekking, surf trips, sandy beaches, and Indian ocean.

There are quite a few things that were improved:

New waterproof zippers

Both external pockets now have high quality rainproof zippers (we still need to test them). Rainproof zippers are quite expensive so this will drive the backpack cost up, but making outside pockets at least rainproof is a big plus and a leap over any other backpack in the market.

Adjusted shape of the backpack

The backpack is now also a bit narrower and taller so it sits better on your back and looks smaller if you do not fill it up completely. This comes handy if you are using it as a carry on backpack for your plane trips.

The padded back is longer

The padded back is also longer so the heights of the hip belt is better suited for a person of an average height making hip belt more useful for those longer hikes and travels.

Two closing systems

The main compartment with a roll down top closure now has two option of closing. You can buckle the roll down together or buckle the ends to the side of the backpack. Both ways are equal and it depends on your own preference how you want to close it and what backpack look do you like better.

The internal laptop sleeve was also made bigger so it fits more different laptop sizes. We will post more photos when we start testing, backpack should then soon go into production.


After Indonesia testing we decided to change the production process for both pockets. Special molds will be made for the pockets, which will improve the waterproof capabilities of the top and back pocket. Once this is made, the backpack will go in production.

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