New 30 Liter Waterproof Backpack is Coming Soon!

While the big 50 liter DryTide  waterproof backpack is the perfect carry all backpack for all your trips and travels a smaller backpack has been planned for a long time. One that would be perfect for shorter one day trips and would be also suitable for you daily bike rides to work, school, college… a backpack for everyday use for people that want to keep their things safe and dry. We have been working on the perfect pack for quite some time and now it is almost finished.

Here you can see a few photos of one of the last pre-production samples that we have been testing.

30l backpack kayak trip

New 30L waterproof backpack in the middle of all the mess that happens when you land and start to unpack things stored in your kayak hatches

30liter waterproof backpack on kayak

During the 5 day kayak trip not everything could fit into the storage compartments on the kayaks, so the new 30l backpack was strapped to the top (behind my back).

New 30L backpack will feature two external pockets, one of them will be big enough to hold your dry clothes if you decide to use the main compartment for wet things. It will have side water bottle pocket, daisy chain loops, internal pocket, emergency whistle, quick closing strap and more.

What else is new?

Two new t-shirts are available in our store! Men’s SURF SURF REPEAT t-shirt and women’s SURF SURF REPEAT tank top. Both are high quality and insanely comfortable tees. You can already find them in our store and see how the look below:


Men’s SURF SURF REPEAT t-shirt (back)


Men’s SURF SURF REPEAT t-shirt (front)

IMG 8991

Women’s SURF SURF REPEAT tank top (front)

womens surf surf tank top

Women’s SURF SURF REPEAT tank top (back)

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