Surfing in Sardinia

Sardinia is sometimes called the Hawaii of the Mediterranean so scoring nice waves in Sardinia is no longer a surprise to most of the surfers. Btw, did you notice how almost every region, sea… has a few islands that are called “The Hawaii of… ” or at least they have a surf spot called “The xy Pipeline” :)? This was our third trip going surfing in Sardinia. And it was the first time that we surfed he south coast of the island. After a really fun NW swell in the first couple of days the wind turned and waves started coming from NE/E.

So we packed our DryTide waterproof bags into our van and drove south. We didn’t know what to expect, but this super fun, clean left hand point break without another surfer in the water was more than we expected. Surfing in Sardinia at its best.

Till next time.

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