DryTide 18L Waterproof Backpack is HERE!

DryTide 18L backpack sample

DryTide 30l daypack is our most popular backpack, everybody loves it. There are however two questions that we are often asked when it comes to this backpack.

“Do you plan to make a smaller version?” and “Does it come with a laptop sleeve?”

For people that want to use it as a backpack for daily commute to work, school, shopping, people that want to use it as an oversized purse, people that are smaller or want to carry only a few items, the 30L backpack is still a bit to big.

Now honestly, I use my 30L daypack to carry my laptop all the time, even though it does not have a special designated laptop pocket. The thing is, our backpacks have no padding on the inside, because they are also meant for carrying wet gear and any padding would get wet. This is why it is wise to put your laptop in a separate laptop sleeve for protection and then just slide the sleeve into the main compartment of the backpack. I do this all the time. But still we though it would be really nice if this sleeve would be compatible with the backpack or to put it better, that it would be custom made for DryTide backpacks. And to answer both of these two questions… here is the new, DryTide 18L backpack.

DryTide 18L backpack

The 18L backpack is a smaller brother of the 30L backpack so we kept the design that everyone loves pretty much the same. At the first glance the 18L backpack looks completely the same as the 30L backpack. You wouldn’t know it’s the 18L version on the photo in this post if I wouldn’t tell you. But when you look closer, there are a couple of differences. Right now we are testing the first sample of the backpack, so the final version might not be completely the same, but I think it will be, because the sample looks sick. Here is what we are changing compared to the 30L backpack:

  • The size obviously. Backpack takes around 18L compared to 30L of the bigger backpack. But the height of the backpack is only marginally smaller, so it can be still used even by taller people.
  • Side water bottle pocket is changed, it can be folded and zipped when not in use making the backpack look much smoother and cleaner.
  • The big external pocket goes into the main compartment the same way as it does in the 30L backpack, but we added a small Velcro strip to the inside, so that the pocket stays in place, when you are putting things into and out of the main compartment.
  • And finally, the internal pockets can be removed and replaced with a removable laptop sleeve. There will be two different laptop sleeves to choose from. One fully padded laptop sleeve with extra protection in the corners. Basically the best laptop sleeve you can get. But, it will be only water resistant, not waterproof. The second choice will be a waterproof laptop sleeve without padding. The first sleeve is meant for regular everyday use and I think will be best choice for most of occasions. The waterproof sleeve can be used if you will put your laptop into the main compartment together with some damp items.

IMG 20230106 103442 920

Check back in a couple of days (today is July 17th) and new 18L backpack will be available from our store.

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