New 30L Waterproof Daypack is Here!

The new 30L waterproof daypack is here and it looks awesome. We wanted to develop a backpack that is small enough for daily use but still has enough space for day trips. We also wanted the backpack that looks stylish. We think our backpacks already look way better than your average waterproof backpack and that this is the way it should be. Just because your backpack is waterproof it should not look like a sack of potatoes. But with this 30L daypack we went a step further. We designed a  backpack that looks good in the middle of the city or in the middle of a wet jungle.

The 30L waterproof daypack is clean and streamlined with only one external water bottle pocket. Everything else is hidden inside the backpack. Two waterproof external pockets, one smaller one and one big one and two internal pockets will help you organize your things and keep your dry things away from your wet gear if needed. This clean and simple look will fit in in any environment.

On the other hand, this backpack was not only designed to look good on your way cycling through the city to work or college, running errands or simply going out. At the same time this is a heavy duty durable backpack that you can drop into the sea and everything inside will stay dry. You can use it for surf trips, boating, kayaking, hiking in rain, rafting, stand up paddling trips, sailing and more. You can use it to keep your things dry or to transport wet gear like wetsuits, swimwear etc…

The new 30L waterproof daypack is available in our store.

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