Sea Kayaking Trip in Northern Adriatic Sea

One of our original needs to keep things dry came from our stand up paddle trips to Adriatic sea islands. Not many people do multi-day stand up paddle camping trips. We even did a blog with a few tips on how to do SUP trips it safely. But recently I got a chance to try sea kayaking. It is super fun. Because you are faster, you can cover greater distances and explore more coastline. The kayak is also much less affected by wind than a stand up paddle board so you are more independent. I mean, less dependent on weather. When doing sup trips you really have to be extra careful of the weather.

During the trip the DryTide backpack was nicely tucked away in the kayaks storage compartment although it’s waterproof capabilities still proved to come in handy. As the wind and waves pick up a bit, the “dry” kayak storage compartment does take a bit of water and you need something to keep your stuff dry. Because of the shape of the kayak and it’s storage spaces you will also need some smaller bags to get all your gear in there. And…there is no way to fit that round Quechua 2 seconds tent into the kayak, so it sat on top of it.

Anyway, here is a really short edit from one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Northern Adriatic sea. Let us know if you know where this is :).


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