Sea Kayaking Trip to the Golden Beach in the Adriatic Sea

After series of covid-19 related lockdowns we finally got a chance to go south for a week and among other things do a sea kayaking trip. After a windy start of the week the weather calmed down and the last two days were perfect for paddling. Paddling over silky smooth sea surface with not a soul around us was an almost Zen like experience. Early season and covid-19 lockdowns meant we were the only people around, no boats, no tourists… this is the time when you see how sparsely populated these Adriatic sea islands are. So we had our pick of private beaches. We picked a beach called The Golden Beach (don’t ask me where is it). Golden beach got its name from the yellow cliffs above the beach that, when the sun hits them, reflect in the sea below turning the whole bay golden. This is especially true when the sea surface is really calm and smooth like it was that day. We pulled our kayaks out of the water and when the sun grew stronger during the day, around noon late March already felt like summer.  A short video about the trip with some amazing drone shots of the coastline.

Floating backpack is DryTide 30L waterproof backpack and I if you are going sea kayaking I also suggest you get the DryTide dry bag pack.

Music: Breathe Slow, Rook1e


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