Sea Kayaking: Visiting the Fish Shaped Island

There is an island in the Adriatic sea that is shaped like a fish. Or maybe it reminds me even more of a hand drawn whale from some cartoon with its big head and narrow tail. Either way, it looks really interesting from the air and to us that is a good enough reason to pack our gear and sea kayaks and paddle there to check it out. Especially because it is a small deserted island with a nice beach. These are the islands that we like best. Even in the middle of the tourist season, on an islands like that you are alone. Far away from crowds and traffic jams, far away from all the problems and hustle of the world. It might as well be the middle of November when the whole Adriatic sea coastline is almost empty and it would not make a difference. The only difference was that it was right in the middle of the heat wave in the middle of summer. Which means daily temperatures were easily reaching 36C (97F) and more. That’s not bad if you are in an air conditioned room, but it’s something different when you spend the whole day in the sun sea kayaking on the sea. Lucky for us we brought some sun shade and the air did cool down a bit at night so sleeping was quite comfortable.

The whole trip took us 4 days. In these 4 days we covered around 48km (about 30miles) and visited 8 different islands. Fishing, chasing away rats and seagulls, snorkeling, getting lost in the fog and meeting some amazing and friendly people were some of the highlights of the trip besides the island that really is shaped like a fish, we checked. And the sea, the water was just so clear haha I keep saying that. For more, check the video from the trip.


Days: 4
Distance paddled: 48km
Islands visited: 8
Helium balloons found: 14 (wtf?!)
Fish caught: 3
Sheep spotted: 17
Rats spotted: unknow (it was dark)
Gear used: 30L backpack, Dry bag set
Fish shaped island awesomeness rating: 8/10

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