DryTide Waterproof Backpack Review

During the last Sardinia trip Klemen took some time to make a review of the DryTide 50l waterproof backpack. In this waterproof backpack review we go through the main features of the backpack. At the beginning you will also see what happens if you go snorkeling and diving with the backpack on your shoulders. Pro tip (not shown in video:) ) – put a huge rock inside your backpack or you wont be able to dive underwater. Backpack is filled with air and because it is waterproof and also airtight air can not escape. It’s like diving with a balloon on your back – impossible. We managed to solve this by putting a huge rock inside the backpack for extra weight and squeezing most of the air our before closing the backpack. And yes, the towel did stay dry after two dives we had to do to get the shot :)!

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