Drybags, Duffel Bag and More

I am excited to announce that we will be adding some new products to our waterproof gear lineup. Drybag with three different sizes and a duffel bag are already in the final sample production stage and should go into production soon. A smaller waterproof backpack is also being developed and the first sample is being put together.

DryTide Drybags

High quality DryTide drybags are perfect for storing your items and keeping them away from water and dust. They are extremely versatile, you can use them when traveling to keep your camera and documents dry, you can use them for organizing the main compartment of your 50l DryTide backpack, you can use them to double secure your sensitive electronics, you can use them when stand up paddling, they fit inside or on the top of your kayak, they fit on motorbike, you can throw them on the boat, bring them to the beach, you can use them to store your wet wetsuit so it does not drip all over your car, you can use them is snow etc… They will come in three sizes that in our experience cover most of our needs.

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Sea kayaking with DryTide gear in the back.

The 5L DryTide Drybag

A small drybag that fits your phone, car keys, wallet, documents, small snacks, gopro camera, powerbank… it will even fit bigger things like a DSLR camera and an extra zoom lens (of average size) at the same time.

The 15L DryTide Drybag

The 15L version of the drybag is perfect for times when you want to add a towel and some clothes or a bigger snack to the items you put in the 5l version. This way you can put everything you need for a day at the beach into a drybag and not just the things that should not get wet.

15L drybag will for instance fit one winter wetsuits and there will be room to spare.

The 30L DryTide Drybag

The biggest one, the 30L drybag can serve as a drybag or even as a small and simple backpack. With that in mind we have added two shoulder straps, an external mesh pocket for the water bottle and another external pocker for your phone, keys or wallet, so these things are ready when you need them. Shoulder straps are simple and removable, so the bag can be used as any other drybag.

30L drybag will for instance fit two winter wetsuits. It can easily fit one wetsuit and a poncho/towel, some clothes and a snack. It’s a perfect size for a short day trip.

DryTide Waterproof Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are great for traveling and weekend trips when you don’t have to carry your bags around for a long time. Kayak trip, boat trip, stand up paddle trip, throwing the bag into the snow, protecting your gear from water, storing wet wetsuits, storing other wet gear, desert travel, motorbike travel and more. Whenever you want to keep your belonging dry and you don’t need to carry them around all the time the waterproof duffel bag is perfect.

The benefit of a duffel bag is in the huge top opening. This way all your things are easily accessible without much searching and moving things around. DryTide waterproof duffel bag is also easy to move around, it has a padded shoulder strap, two top handles and two side handles.

It also has plastic loops that can be used to attach the duffel bag to things like motorbike, boat, top of the car etc…using straps or bungee cords. Bag also has an external pocket with a waterproof zipper so things like your mobile phone are close at hand.

Bikers will also be glad that the bag is printed with light reflecting color so you and the bag are visible in the night.

Smaller Version Waterproof Backpack

The 50l DryTide waterproof backpack is perfect for travel and trips. But to use it as a day pack it is a bit big. This is why we are developing another backpack that will cover your day pack needs. Biking to work, school,  college, going to the beach, short day hikes, protecting your cameras, laptops and other gear etc… Backpack will feature two external pockets, one huge and one small, internal laptop sleeve, and some additional external straps. The design is not yet finalized, but the goal is also to make the backpack streamlined and stylish so it can also be used in the city.

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