Split Dome Port for GoPro Cameras

When we were looking for ways to showcase how the DryTide backpack can survive falling into the sea and floating on its surface we were among other things using a dome port. Dome port allows you to capture over under photos, photos where half of the photo is above the water surface and half of it is below it. This gives the photos a really unique look, it seems like you are peeking into the underwater world from the above. Photos like these really stand out from the billions of photos out there. It was a perfect tool to show how the DryTide backpack is comfortable in and out of the water.

Split Dome Port

The dome we were using is called Split Dome Port from Splitgadgets. It is an acrylic dome with carbon handle that is specially designed to fit GoPro cameras. The 6″ dome allows you to easily put the waterline over the middle of the photo. This is how you take those crazy 50/50 shots. Using a dome underwater will also dramatically improve your underwater shots. The curvature of a dome ports minimizes the effects of refraction, radial distortion and chromatic aberration. This means that your underwater images will be sharper, cleaner and will capture a bigger field of view as the underwater magnification is decreased.

over under photo

One of the more famous photos shot with Split dome port is this @momimfine shot from Morocco

Split dome port comes with a special underwater housing for your GoPro that can be taken out and used independently. It allows you to use your GoPro, that is otherwise rated for 10m, while diving down to 40m deep. This also means that your GoPro is completely safe when it is in the dome.

It also includes a neoprene cover, that will protect the dome from scratches when you are not using it.

Split dome port can now be purchased in our store. For more info on the dome, check the product page.


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