DryTide Timeline

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A short timeline shows how DryTide backpacks and DryTide brand was developed:

  • Early 2017: research and feature development for the first backpack.
  • April-May 2017: backpack shape, size and design; manufacturing process research.
  • June 2017: backpack sketches and production details.
  • July 2017: first sample is in production.
  • August/September 2017: testing the first sample.
  • September/October 2017: second sample in production.
  • October/November 2017: second sample testing.
  • December 2017: final sample production.
  • January 2018: final sample testing.
  • February 2018: production started.
  • March 2018: DryTide backpacks production finished.
  • April 13th 2018 DryTide Backpack Launched (short report from the launch event).
  • July 2018: second version of the backpack with some improvements is being developed.
  • October 2018: second, improved version of the backpack is now available + a cheaper simpler version as well.
  • June 2019: DryTide tee’s added to the store.
  • July/August 2019: Regular dry bags and a smaller version of the waterproof backpack are started to be developed.
dry bags

Three different size dry bags (5L, 15L, 30L)

Waterproof duffel bag features

  • March/April 2020: new DryTide waterproof duffel bag is launched, you can find it here.
  • April 2020: A smaller version of the waterproof backpack is being developed.
  • May-September 2020: 30L backpack sample testing and improvements.
  • October 2020: New 30L daypack goes into production.
  • December 2020: New 30L waterproof daypack is launched.

DryTide 30L waterproof backpack with side pocket e1607976957232

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